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Top Books Every Christian Should Read!

With the summer holidays approaching it is always good to be thinking about what books you might like to read while on the beach or whilst sat in a cafe (well we can dream). Now I know that it is always nice to take a good fictional novel away with us that we can get lost in but it is also worth thinking about taking a book that might help you in your Christian walk and help you not to take a holiday from God!


I recently sent a list of  books that (I think) all Christians should read before they die to our ‘Man Skills‘ group. These are all books that have had a profound affect on me over the years and so I thought it worth sharing with every one.

I have also put a link next to them all so you can just click on it and go ahead and buy them straight away.

If you think I have missed any then please let me know! And you are not allowed to say “the bible”, that is a given!

The Cross of Christ- John Stott

Holiness – J C Ryle

Power Through Prayer- E M Bounds

Desiring God- John Pipe

Knowing God- J I Packer

The Reason For God- Tm Keller

Tactics- Greg Koukl

Dig Deeper- Beynon, Sach

God’s Big Picture- Vaughan Roberts

Life Together- Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Mortification of Sin- John Owen

Calvin’s Institutes- John Calvin

Systematic Theology- Wayne Grudem

The Prodigal God- Tim Keller

Idols- Julian Hardiman

Counterfeit Gods- Tim Keller

Mere Christianity- C S Lewis

The Screwtape Letter- C S Lewis

Nine Marks of a Healthy Church- Mark Dever 

A Praying Life- Paul E Miller

A Better Story (God, Sex and Human Flourishing)- Glynn Harrison

Surprised By Joy- C S Lewis

The Goldilocks Zone- Mike Ovey

Disciplines of a Godly Man- Kent Hughes

Instruments in The Redeemer’s Hands- Paul D Tripp

Married for God- Christopher Ash

Shepherding a Child’s heart- Tedd Tipp

Pierced for Our Transgression- Ovey, Jeffery, Sach

Captured by a Better Vision- Tim Chester

The Transgender Debate- Andrew Walker

Seeking Allah, Finding God- Nabeel Qureshi

Systematic Theology – Wayne Grudem

Chosen By God- R C SProul

Incomparable- Andrew Wilson

Simply God- Peter Sanlon

George Whitfield: God’s Anointed Servant In The Great Revival Of The Eighteenth Century- Arnold Dalimore

The Jesus Story Book Bible- Sally Lloyd Jones


  1. So, only white Western men have anything useful to say to adults about God and the Christian life, then… One non-Westerner can tell his story… Women, speak with the children… Are you reading the same Bible as me??

    • That is a very fair point and I accept your rebuke. And I have to admit I haven’t read a huge amount of theology written by women. I was actually considering adding a couple of Rosaria Butterfield’s books which I have found incredibly helpful in the last few years. This year I have read ‘None Like HIm’ by Jen Wilkin which was superb and should be added to the list. I would happily be directed to anything you would recommend I read or that you feel should be added.

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