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A Better Story

Written by Assistant Pastor Jon Herring- A brief re-cap of last month’s Go FoUrth session In the 90s, advertisers realised that story telling was powerful and one of the most successful and impactful advertising campaigns was Nescafe Coffee’s. They advertised their coffee using two young sophisticated neighbours who began a romance. And the adverts developed…

Tool number 1

Written by Assistant Pastor Jon Herring Here is a quick re-cap of last time at Go FoUrth where we looked at our first tool in sharing the good news of Jesus. PRAYER Take a moment to Read Nehemiah chapter 1 Nehemiah looks at his nation and he is distraught! It is in ruins, God’s people look small and weak. And the thought…

The most important 3 minutes of the church service?!

I think this is a really helpful challenge. I spoke to a lady who has been visiting KVFC for the last 3 weeks and who said that there were 2 ladies who had smiled at her and said hello every week and that that had basically kept her coming back!

Go FoUrth Sunday- a Little Teaser

Written by Assistant Pastor Jon Herring I love Jesus! I think the gospel is the best news ever! But I struggle to tell people about him and what he has done. Why?! Because I am human. We know as Christians that we are commissioned to take the good news out to the world but we are overwhelmed by the daunting nature of…