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Walking the Walk and Bridging the Gap.

Written by Pastor Graham Cooke, Kennet Valley Free Church. What makes a ‘good’ movie? The ones that stick in my mind can be stimulating, heart-warming, thought-provoking, life-affirming, challenging, painful even. However, some defy all such descriptions and simply leave you scratching your head. I watched such a film recently, that can only be filed in the ’Q for Quirky’ category (possibly cross-referenced…

What does the bible say about transgenderism?

Here is a really helpful article on an extremely topical issue that we as Christians need to be ahead of the game on. I think this is so important because the church has historically been behind in thinking through its response to these types of issues. In the next edition of the FIEC’s publication Primer (produced and edited by David Shaw the theological advisor…

Conversation Starter

We might live in a computer program! Here is a great conversation starter for you and your friends! Ever seen the film the matrix? There are some ‘serious scientists’ out there who are presenting a competitor to the multi-verse theory, who really think it is possible that we live inside a computer program created by a ‘superior being’ or you might say…


This blog is designed to provide some EXTRA food for thought throughout your week. It will feature interesting articles and videos to encourage you, challenge you and feed you in your Christian walk outside of the normal Church activities. The hope is that it will also provide you with some good resources and start further conversations both inside and outside the church family!