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The Christian and the Ballot Box

Written by Pastor Graham Cooke, May 2017  Which Lawn Mower?  Madeline Albright, US Secretary of State during the Bill Clinton Presidency,  apparently used to encourage all her staff to actively train their bladders so that they didn’t feel the need to slip out of very long meetings. Why? Because decisions are made by those in the room! But when it comes to…

How Can You Live Without Sex?

Wow, this is a powerful article about the beauty of a celibate life committed to God. Some quotes from the article: “It’s hard to see how Scripture could be any more positive about the celibate life.” “Love isn’t just communicated by the sex one has had, but also by the sex one hasn’t had.” “To deny someone sex is not to condemn him…

Is KVFC a museum of saints or a hospital for sinners?!

Written by Assistant Pastor Jon Herring Ever had a conversation a bit like this? Person A: “Hey, how are you” Person B: “Yeah, fine thanks, how are you?” Person A: “Yeah, fine thanks” In our current individualistic culture where the private persona, as portrayed publically (not least on social media such as FaceBook and Instagram) is shown in its best light, there…

Redefining Intimacy

Is intimacy only for marriage?! What about if you are single? What if you have committed to a life time of celibacy? Can you still experience intimacy of relationship? Here is an excellent and honest article that tackles this issue: Redefining Intimacy

What we can learn from the success of the sexual revolution?

God, Sex and Human Flourishing- A Better Story by Glyn Harrison On Sunday evening I will be commending and quoting from this book but here are 2 sneak previews- one from the Good Book Company and another form The Gospel Coalition. I would highly recommend reading it and I might try and get a few in for Sunday.    

Life Changing reading Leviticus?

If you are participating in reading the bible in a year (or over 2 years) then you may be about to get stuck into the book of Leviticus. Notoriously, mid-way through this book is often the point at which people struggle and give up. Here is a great article from someone who has spent the last 10 years studying the book of…