Work In Progress (WIP) Management

Work in Progress (WIP) Management involves tracking the time it takes for a product to move through the assembly or production process, including all stops along the way, as well as other management operations during the process.

RFID data can enable managers to identify "bottlenecks" and inefficiencies in production, by showing how long products remain in production or finishing areas along the way. Managers can also allocate personnel based on RFID data. If extra workers are needed in a certain operation, managers can precisely time the necessary labor increases based on where a product is in the process.

Provide instantaneous feedback to managers and customers as to the progress of a particular order or item through the production process, and allow highly personalized production. For example, a boat manufacturer can use RFID information to report to the customer where the boat is in production, project a delivery date, and also allow the customer to specify options and add-ons that can be accomodated during the production process.

RFID data can also allow for "just in time" delivery of materials used in the manufacturing process. If managers know a batch of materials are needed at a certain point in the assembly line, they can use RFID data to arrange for delivery at exactly the right time, eliminating inefficiencies in warehousing and handling of materials.