Smart Labels

LF Tags

Freq Range: 30-300 KHz; Specific Freqs: 125 or 134 KHz

HF Tags

Freq Range: 3-30 MHz; Specific Freq: 13.56 MHz; Read Range: < 3 feet/1 meter



UHF Tags

Freq Range: 300-3000 MHz (3000 MHz = 3 GHz); RFID Range: 866-960 MHz - Problems passing through liquids

Microwave Tags

Freq Range: 5.8 GHz; Read Range: 30 feet.

Zebra Smart Labels

Smart labels are an exciting, emerging type of data carrier that combine the read range and unattended processing capability of radio frequency identification (RFID) with the convenience and flexibility of on-demand label printing. A smart label is an adhesive label with an RFID tag embedded inside. The tag can be encoded with variable data and tested before label is being printed, while the label can contain all the bar codes, text and graphics used in traditional applications. This powerful combination provides unmatched data capacity, security and flexibility for enhancing and extending identification and data collection applications.

Zebra maximizes the flexibility with an easy-to-use range of printing options that enable you to create smart labels whenever and wherever you need them. Zebra created the first smart label printer and is a leading participant in RFID research and standards efforts. Here are a few of the reasons Zebra is the intelligent choice for smart label printing:

  • All our smart label printers feature integrated encoding, so there is no fragile, external device to plug into the printer.
  • Zebra offers RFID tags from multiple leading manufacturers, including products that conform to the ISO 15693 international RFID standard.
  • All chips are verified before labels are printed. If there is a problem with the chip, a "VOID" message is printed on the label so it won't be used.
  • We offer numerous media options, including thermal-transfer and direct-thermal tags, labels and wristbands.
  • Our compact, desktop smart label printer can produce wristbands for patient identification, patron tracking, electronic wallet, event management and other emerging applications.
  • The Zebra product line includes the smallest smart label printer available and rugged models for use in industrial environments.
  • All our smart label printers are supported with Zebra's networking and connectivity solutions for remote management, status monitoring and alert notification.