RFID Planner - Your Guide to Planning for an RFID System

First Question: Why?

  • Data Automation Can Speed Processes, Improve Productivity
  • Supply Chain Management and Data Integration
  • Barcode vs. RFID

Define Tagging Objectives to Meet Information Needs

  • Who will use the data collected, and why?
  • What sorts of information will be tracked?
  • Make sure your infrastructure can handle the information collected

Take an Infrastructure Inventory

  • Where will your system be deployed? (Warehouse, Retail Spaces, Shipping/Handling Point, etc.)
  • How will your products be scanned? (Distance, accuracy, individual products vs. pallet-level scanning, etc.)
  • How will scanned data be transported? (From antenna to network, wireless vs. hardwired)
  • How will scanned data be used? (Warehouse Management System, Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer Relationship Management, Supply Chain Management, Business Intelligence, etc.)
  • Networked Assets (Computers, Terminals, Scanners, Data Collection Devices, Antennas, Servers, Software)

Planning System Installation and Integration

  • Antenna Placement
  • Tag Placement
  • Operating Procedures
  • Product Movement and Flow
  • Report Printing Points
  • Information Access Points

Don't Forget Training and Testing!

  • Allow plenty of time for employee training
  • Allow plenty of time for system testing and fixes