RFID Applications

As you might imagine, the RFID world is new and exciting, and no one really knows yet what all can be done using RFID technology. In many ways, RFID users are limited only by their imagination - and some of the laws of physics, still! - as to what they can do. This section will briefly outline some of the applications that RFID technology has been employed in, and hopefully inspire you to think of ways it can be used in your business.

Click on a link below to explore some uses for RFID technology in that field or sector:



Warehouse Management System
Access at Port Facilities
Express Parcel Tracking
Construction Logistics
Pallet Positioning in Warehouse
Intermodal Container Positioning
Library Materials Tracking
Container Tracking for Order Processing
Parking Access
Pallet Transport
Automatic Transportation and Distribution System

Enterprise Resource Planning
Vehicle Theft Protection
Document Tracking and Management
Livestock Tracking and Farm Management
Automatic Fleet Fuel Dispensing
Waste Container ID
Electronic Products Assembly Automation
Silicon Wafer Production Tracking
Chemical Container Tracking
Electronic Door Locks
Vehicle Tags

Customer Relationship Management
Ski Lift Tickets
Personal Access
Retail Automation
Electronic Toll Collection
Baggage ID
Wireless Commerce
Automatic Recognition of Consumers
Race Sports Timing

Supply Chain Management
Express Delivery
Supply Chain/Logistics
Beer Keg Tracking