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Posted on Thursday December 03, 2020

Touched by the Hand of God
By Pastor Graham Cooke The death of Argentinian soccer maestro Diego Maradona has stirred up  many memories and emotions. People argue endlessly about whether he was better than Pele or Cruyff, or indeed, the twin colossi of this age, Ronaldo and Messi. Wherever you rank him, this stocky, mega-thighed figure was blessed with astonishing talent. Of course, for us English, it’s not just positive emotions that are stirred up, as we recall that night in 1986 in Mexico City, the World Cup Quarter Final, and two remarkable goals that will never be forgotten. The first was daylight robbery, punched over Shilton’s ... More
Posted on Tuesday May 19, 2020

Wisteria Hysteria
By Pastor Graham Cooke The month of May always astounds me. The sheer prodigality of its burgeoning fecundity; that vibrant lush green; the aromas that ambush our noses: wherever we look there’s life bursting through. For my wife, Cate, it is wisteria month. She loves those cascading blossoms, sprawling down walls or draped over fences. It must have been twelve years ago or more that she excitedly came back from a shopping trip brandishing a small wisteria plant that we subsequently planted outside our front door. We understood that wisteria plants take a long time to establish and blossom, but in all ... More
Posted on Sunday April 12, 2020

The Narrow Place
Passover thoughts from Tom Lori. As Jewish people around the world prepare their hearts to recount the story of how God brought us out of Egypt, God is highlighting new significance in certain elements of the Passover story as we find ourselves in the midst of the corona virus epidemic, which is bringing the nations of the world to their knees. In Hebrew we call this this time “The Exodus from Egypt”, and I feel that God is bringing His Body, the international ecclesia, as well as our local body at KVFC, through a spiritual “Exodus from Egypt” In Hebrew, the word for ... More
Posted on Tuesday March 31, 2020

Plus ça change… Stalingrad and us.
by Pastor Graham Cooke When we were away on holiday in February I hunkered down with Vasily Grossman’s epic wartime novel, Stalingrad, which was recently published for the first time in English. Having finished that, I’m now re-reading the sequel, Life and Fate, which has been around in English for some time. Both are set around the Battle of Stalingrad, from Summer 1942 through to February 1943. This was a grim time both for the invading Germans and the defending Soviets, and the outcome perhaps had more influence on the final result of World War Two than any other battle. However, I ... More
Posted on Thursday March 26, 2020

A life-changing lock-down?
The vast majority of us will have never experienced anything like this. As the Coronavirus continues to spread, lots of us will be full of fear for our own safety and for the safety of our loved ones. And now, as the country has gone into lock-down, we may be feeling anxious at the loss of freedom as well as the isolation we now face for the coming weeks. But what if we made the best out of this uncertain situation we find ourselves in? What if we were look back on this in years to come as a time ... More
Posted on Tuesday February 25, 2020

7 Myths about Singleness by Sam Allberry (Book Review by Lizzie Cooke)
“If marriage shows us the shape of the gospel, singleness shows us its sufficiency” is the beautiful line from Sam Allberry’s book tackling the misconceptions, assumptions, painful and glorious truths about singleness as the Bible describes and as experienced by single Christians. In this book, he takes seven “myths” about what living as a single Christian is like and gently explains the falsehood in each, instead presenting the truth in a way that challenges and encourages. Allberry tackles the myths that: Singleness is too hard, Singleness requires a special calling, Singleness means no intimacy, Singleness means no family, Singleness hinders ... More
Posted on Monday July 01, 2019

Keeping our Secrets, or Keeping the Light?
Keeping our Secrets, or Keeping the Light? My wife recently presented me with a DVD of a film that she thought I’d like because, as she said, “it looks like the sort of film in which nothing really happens.” The Light Between Oceans stars Michael Fassbender (Tom) and Alicia Vikander (Isobel), and has recently been broadcast on BBC, so you may be able to find it on iPlayer. We watched it together and I did enjoy it immensely, despite the fact that, actually, plenty of things happened in it. It was subtly paced, beautifully shot and impressively acted, but maybe ‘enjoy’ ... More
Posted on Monday June 11, 2018

Top Books Every Christian Should Read!
With the summer holidays approaching it is always good to be thinking about what books you might like to read while on the beach or whilst sat in a cafe (well we can dream). Now I know that it is always nice to take a good fictional novel away with us that we can get lost in but it is also worth thinking about taking a book that might help you in your Christian walk and help you not to take a holiday from God! I recently sent a list of  books that (I think) all Christians should read before they die ... More
Posted on Wednesday April 04, 2018

God and the Transgender Debate
God and the Transgender Debate by Andrew T. Walker. – a book review by Richard Wilson On opening this book for the first time, one little question immediately sprang to my mind – why? Not why do some people feel unhappy being male or female? That’s a topic covered at great length elsewhere, and one that is clearly understood in a kind and sympathetic way by this author. But why is there even a debate over the Bible’s position on gender identity? Why is this such a hot topic in 2018? Why do we as Christians need to concern ourselves with such ... More
Posted on Tuesday December 12, 2017

The Cross at Christmas
Guest Blog from Lizzie Cooke   ... More
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