Circuit training at Kennet Valley

Every Monday evening (excepting Bank Holidays and illness) a group of people meet at Kennet Valley in the activity hall to participate in an hour of Circuit training.

Circuit training is an easy way to keep fit - there are no choreographed routines so you don't have to be co-ordinated, and as each exercise is repeated for a minute you can do as many as or few as your fitness level dictates.

This group is not run by a professional coach, but by a dedicated group of enthusiasts who are willing to show newcomers the different exercises and ensure that they are safe performing them.

The current age demographic is from 17 - 75 years with all body shapes and fitness levels welcome.

The session starts at 8pm, the only cost is your energy and all ages and fitness levels are welcome - we only ask that you do the session within your own level of ability and don't perform exercises that you know may exacerbate an existing injury or weakness.

Three times a year we run a 'fitness test' which is a way for each individual to assess their own progress. The test is not gruelling (!), and the result only pertains to you - the next time the test is run you see if you have improved against the former score.

If the session is not running any particular Monday it will be advertised here...

Due to the Coronavirus from Monday October 19th Circuits will be taking place via Zoom. For details please contact Iain via

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