Farm and Livestock Management

RFID improves the tracking of assets both large and small so they can be more quickly located and maintained. Once located that asset can then benefit the company instead of ending up in the "loss" column. In case this asset itself is part of a production process and becomes part of the human food chain, moving those assets becomes a traceable matter of record. Animal tracking is the largest implementation of asset tracking, production control, and retail logistics in the world.

From livestock management systems to scientific research, RFID can help farmers, ranchers, conservationists, etc. to locate and evaluate their domesticated and non-domesticated assets. There are companies and national schemes utilizing RFID products to identify and track cattle, sheep and other livestock. By placing a tag on the animal, details can be gathered concerning health information, animal movement, or market eligibility. Still other companies and foundations are using transponders to track wildlife and fish in order to better understand migration and/or spawning patterns. These patterns can then be analyzed in a database to learn more about the habits of the wildlife all around us.