Automated eCommerce

RFID is changing the way businesses serve their customers by creating smart and secure RFID technology solutions for the B2C ("Business to Consumer), CRM ("Customer Relationship Management") and payment markets. The wireless technology that RFID provides enables consumers to pay for gas, food, and other items at the check out counter with a wave of their hand. Now, customers do not even need a wallet because they can use their mobile phone or a special keychain to pay for their purchases.

This benefit not only allows for quick purchases, but this technology is enabling businesses to learn more about their customers through the collection and storage of vital information of buying patterns. Companies can use this information to individualize services for each customer; thereby creating customer loyalty, lowering costs, and increasing profitability. Customers feel more comfortable with RFID since it is more secure than traditional monetary transactions.

Along with many other applications, this same type technology can also be used to allow for personnel access, ticketing, payTV, gaming, and payphone applications.