Automated Check In/Out

In applications where high-valued or sensitive items are moved around frequently, or checked in/out of a facility, RFID tags can provide location data, as well as associated information about the person who checked the item out. This type of operation can be employed in government, libraries, companies, medical operations, and anywhere there are high-value assets being moved around.

For example, RFID tags can be used in a hospital to track medical records as a patient moves from admitting to intensive care to X-ray to post-operative recovery and finally to outpatient services. As the records are moved from area to area, the RFID tag can be read to give a location, the person who transferred the records, the person who accepted them, and so forth.

Tools can be checked in and out of a large maintenance facility without having to stop and fill out bulky papers or forms. Vehicles can easily be checked out of a fleet depot, and even gates opened and barriers raised using RFID tags.