Services : Recent and Forthcoming

Date Title Passage Speaker Listen / Download
20 May, 2018PENTECOST  Graham Cooke
27 May, 2018What would Jesus Click? 7 Time Online  Graham Cooke
3 Jun, 2018Lifesongs Psalms 16David Marett
10 Jun, 2018Lifesongs Psalms 17Steve Bishop 
17 Jun, 2018Exodus 1 God’s plan opposed Exodus 1Jon Herring
24 Jun, 2018Exodus 2 God Revealed as Rescuer Exodus 2:1-3:10Jon Herring
1 Jul, 2018Exodus 3 God Revealed as Ruler Exodus 3Jon Herring 
8 Jul, 2018Own Subject  Alistair Hornal 
15 Jul, 2018Exodus 4 God is patient  Exodus 4Jon Herring
22 Jul, 2018Own Subject  Tom Lori
29 Jul, 2018HBC SERVICE  Jon Herring 
5 Aug, 2018David's Enemies  Graham Challand 
12 Aug, 2018Lifesongs Psalms 19Dave Long 
19 Aug, 2018Lifesongs Psalms 20Luke Bulpitt 
26 Aug, 2018Exodus 5 Knowing God- God Revealed as Relational  Exodus 5:1-7:7Jon Herring 
2 Sep, 2018Lifesongs Psalms 21Graham Cooke 
9 Sep, 2018Philemon 1  Graham Cooke 
16 Sep, 2018Exodus 6 The Plagues- God Reveals His Ruling Power Exodus 7:8-10:29Jon Herring 
23 Sep, 2018Philemon 2  Graham Cooke 
30 Sep, 2018Baptismal service  Jon Herring 
7 Oct, 2018Philemon 3  Graham Cooke 
14 Oct, 2018HARVEST  Team from OM 
21 Oct, 2018Lifesongs Psalms 22Luke Bulpitt 
28 Oct, 2018Lifesongs Psalms 18Graham Cooke 
4 Nov, 2018Own Subject  Tim Barrow 
11 Nov, 2018Lifesongs Psalms 18Graham Cooke 
18 Nov, 2018Exodus 7 The Final Plague and The Passover! God Revealed as The Ruler who Rescues Exodus 11:1-12:30Jon Herring 
25 Nov, 2018Advent  Graham Cooke 
2 Dec, 2018Advent  Richard Fairbairn 
9 Dec, 2018Advent  Graham Cooke 
16 Dec, 2018Advent  Jon Herring? 
23 Dec, 2018Advent  Graham Cooke? 
25 Dec, 2018  Jon Herring 
30 Dec, 2018  Graham Cooke 

Evening Services

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