We meet on a Friday evening and are open for regular church attendees as well as young people from the local estate.

The evening is designed to be a place where young people can hang out with their friends, have loads of fun and most of all learn about God and how he is relevant to us all today!

We do various activities such as ice breakers as well as games like pool, table tennis, basketball and football.
We also go on trips, usually once a term, and do loads of other fun stuff!!

So if you are fed up of your homework, or have nothing to do at 7.30pm on a Friday then why not come down and hang out with us at NRG ... we would love to see you there!


Every Friday during term time 7.30 - 9:00pm


Kennet Valley Free Church, Carters Rise, Calcot

Who is it for:

Young People aged 11-14 (Yr7-Yr9)


Graham Cooke

Kennet Valley Free Church, Carters Rise, Fords Farm, Calcot, Reading RG31 7YT - (0118) 942 1591. Registered Charity No. 1083467