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Posted on Wednesday October 18, 2017

Tool number 1
Written by Assistant Pastor Jon Herring Here is a quick re-cap of last time at Go FoUrth where we looked at our first tool in sharing the good news of Jesus. PRAYER Take a moment to Read Nehemiah chapter 1 Nehemiah looks at his nation and he is distraught! It is in ruins, God’s people look small and weak. And the thought of this leaves him in tears! v4 “When I heard these things, I sat down and wept” As we look at our nation and read reports of the church dwindling, as we look out around Fords Farm estate and think, we are reaching ... More
Posted on Monday September 25, 2017

The most important 3 minutes of the church service?!
I think this is a really helpful challenge. I spoke to a lady who has been visiting KVFC for the last 3 weeks and who said that there were 2 ladies who had smiled at her and said hello every week and that that had basically kept her coming back! ... More
Posted on Wednesday September 20, 2017

Go FoUrth Sunday- a Little Teaser
Written by Assistant Pastor Jon Herring I love Jesus! I think the gospel is the best news ever! But I struggle to tell people about him and what he has done. Why?! Because I am human. We know as Christians that we are commissioned to take the good news out to the world but we are overwhelmed by the daunting nature of that task! Sometimes we might feel that we have done really well, we manage to move conversations on to Jesus on a regular basis and we maybe even find opportunities to share the gospel, while for others of us it fills us ... More
Posted on Tuesday September 12, 2017

Don’t skip the “minor” prophets, they pack a major punch!
Here is an excellent article which explains why we should read the minor prophets and not skip over them. ... More
Posted on Tuesday September 05, 2017

A Better Story. God, Sex and Human Flourishing by Glynn Harrison
 A review by Richard Wilson If any of us pick up a new book to read, it’s usually with an element of expectation. After all, we’re surely only likely to buy it if we think we’ll enjoy it, maybe agree with its message, feel challenged by its message or simply enhance our knowledge. So in this instance, one might think that a Christian book with “sex” in the title is going to remind us of God’s plan for how we’re to conduct our human relationships, and maybe tell us how those who deviate from this plan are all lost souls. Perhaps ... More
Posted on Thursday July 27, 2017

6 ways to teach your children/grand-children the bible
Posted on Monday July 24, 2017

Pastoral Care and Evangelism the best of friends
“The divide between pastoring and evangelizing is misconceived” A great article helping us see we are all uniquely gifted to share the good news of Jesus whether we see ourselves as being more pastoral or a ‘hard headed evangelist’!       ... More
Posted on Thursday July 20, 2017

Why Did God Allow the Fall?
Here is an interesting article discussing the Fall of man, when God allowed sin to enter the world. ... More
Posted on Wednesday June 14, 2017

Are You Too Christian for Non-Christians?
Here is an extract from an excellent article I found on The Two Block Mission Field Last year, our pastor in suburban Cincinnati challenged us at the holidays to pray for our neighbors by name, take them some baked goods, and then seek opportunities to invite them into our home. I confess that, first, we had to figure out most of their names in order to pray for them. When we did visit them with our jars of holiday snack mix, all of the neighbors were delighted that someone had finally instigated “neighborhood.” Most notably, when they started visiting our ... More
Posted on Monday June 05, 2017

What is Gentleness?
Written by Lizzie Cooke This blog originally featured on Lizzie’s own personal blog page in a series on the fruits of the spirit. You can find more here-  I think it took so long for me to work out what to say about gentleness because it’s quite a difficult word to define. When we use it in everyday conversation, we use it to mean a combination of kindness and love without anger or sharp words. It then seems perhaps a little odd that it is a separate fruit of the spirit, as love and kindness are already fruits? One bible dictionary ... More
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